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SPX Flow is the worldwide leading mixer provider with 90 years of experience and service. Their wide array of mixers can cover any application – from fractional horsepower units primarily for laboratory use, to massive units generating several hundred horsepower mixing rock slurries or fermentation broth.

10 Series
Durable, versatile, cost-effective, the field proven series 10 unit was designed with minimal maintenance in mind. The integrated “drywell” and casing design eliminate the risk of oil leakage over the tank or into the product.
70 Series
The 70 series mixers are right angle reducers are 98.5% efficient per reduction stage, and have rugged oversize low speed shaft and bearings.
ECL Mixers
The Lightnin Classic mixers have consistently evolved and improved through the years. The new Enhanced Classic Line (ECL) portable mixer provides even stronger and more flexible product.
The ShockWave Power Reactor (SPR) technology harnesses the powerful force of cavitation to apply energy to fluids.
Raven Mixers
The rugged Philadelphia Raven Mixer Drive is a high-quality performer built for virtually any application, from critical to routine.
Sanstar Mixers
Sanstar is the Lightnin line of sanitary mixers. Available with either white USDA epoxy paint finish suitable for most applications or all-stainless exteriors suitable for clean room applications.
Plenty Mixers
Plenty mixers are acknowledged as being at the vanguard of mixing technology, with access to unrivalled application experience and a strong, hard-working engineering team.
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